Localidades populares en Alemania

  • Berlín

    Berlin is the capital of Germany and the second most populous city in the European Union. At the same time, it’s a huge cultural centre and a centre of European politics, media, and science. There are more than 180 museums in the city. Among the places of interest of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower on Alexanderplatz, Memorial Church on Kurfürstendamm, the German Cathedral and the French Cathedral, the dome of the Reichstag, and Potsdamer Platz are especially interesting for tourists.

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  • Múnich

    Traditional lederhosen and biergartens collide with modern BMWs and a sophisticated culture in Munich, capital of Germany’s Bavaria region. Much of Munich was destroyed during World War II, but a spectacular restoration project has recreated the beautiful city. It offers world class museums and galleries, excellent restaurants, great shopping, and a world famous Oktoberfest. A popular destination all year long !

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  • Dresde

    Dresden has a long history as the capital and royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony. The controversial bombing of Dresden at the end of Second World War and 40 years in the Soviet bloc state of the German Democratic Republic has changed the face of the city broadly. Since German reunification in 1990, Dresden has emerged as a cultural, political, and economic centre in the eastern part of Germany.

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  • Frankfurt

    With the second largest European airport and its central location, Frankfurt is a hub of transportation for European travel. Visitors can use this city as a jumping point to cruises down the Rhine or into the countryside. In the city, history fans will notice the lovely architecture in the Römerburg, or old town center.
    A thriving business and economical center, Frankfurt is perhaps most well known for its many international trade fairs or exhibitions.

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  • Hamburgo

    Though it has left its shipbuilding days behind, Hamburg remains a pulsating, edgy city, bursting with attractions. Wander the canals and bridges of the hard-working city, visit the Warehouse district to see more of the historical maritime period, or join the youthful revelers for some great music in the Reeperbahn, the city’s red-light district.

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  • Colonia

    Located on the Rhine in the heart of Germany, Cologne (Köln) is a treat for any visitor. Magnificent architecture, great museums and theaters, a stunning cathedral, and a history that is tangible on the streets where all wait to impress. Cologne spoils any guest with its famous Carnival, its lively arts and culture scene, and its countless excellent breweries.

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  • Núremberg

    A vibrant medieval town, Nuremberg shows evidence of its 950 year history at every turn. With an inspiring Altstadt (Old Town) full of medieval marvels, a foreboding castle, great museums including the Germanic National Museum, and easy-to-navigate streets, Nuremberg draws you in. See works by the artist Albrecht Dürer, and don’t miss the world-famous Christmas market, selling gingerbread Lebküchen.

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  • Stuttgart

    Located among beautiful rich forests, Stuttgart is perhaps one of Europe’s greenest cities. Though not known for stunning architecture, the city offers some great museums, an interesting castle, and is right in the middle of an excellent wine-growing region. Don’t miss out on the numerous spas, either.

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Alemania resumidamente

Alemania es un país en el corazón de Europa. Es un miembro de la Unión Europea y un buen destino para los turistas durante todo el año. Este país tiene todo lo necesario para unas buenas vacaciones. Sus lugares de interés, eventos culturales, maravillosas montañas y lagos, parques de atracciones numerosas, y oportunidades de recreación son atractivos para los visitantes de todo el mundo.

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